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  • DevExpress Universal 13.1: Binding tomorrow to today

    There are some major releases which accrue a certain amount of importance, and, in looking through the What’s New for this first major release of 2013, I can’t help but feel that sense of significance. The reason? There’s so much good stuff here that, if I were to do it complete justice, I’d just be...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 6/6/2013
    Filed under: WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, reporting, ASP.NET MVC, Win8, v2013.1
  • WPF Reporting Webinar–Making a Drill Through Report

    Hey guys! Last week we did a webinar on some of the cool features we have available in WPF in conjunction with reporting. We wanted to post some notes to help you get started with drill-through reporting in WPF as well as provide a recap of the things we discussed in the webinar. The new WPF report preview...
    Posted to DevExpress Data Blog (Weblog) by Seth Juarez (DevExpress) on 7/18/2011
    Filed under: reports, wpf, webinars, report, reporting, webinar, drill through
  • Document Preview Window Shortcuts in WPF/Silverlight

    Sometimes clicking takes too long! Accelerate your users’ ability to get things done with reporting by using shortcuts for some of the common things they do. Here they are: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll Up = Zoom in Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll Down = Zoom out Home = Show first page Ctrl + Shift + PageUp =...
    Posted to DevExpress Data Blog (Weblog) by Seth Juarez (DevExpress) on 5/26/2011
    Filed under: reports, silverlight, wpf, report, reporting, 11.1, v2011.1, shortcuts
  • Scaling and Search in the WPF Report Preview Window

    If you’ve ever wanted to make sure your reports fit to pages, or force them to be a certain size on the page, then our 11.1 release with the addition of scaling is for you. A new feature has been added to the document preview which will allow you to scale by percentage, or by pages: We’ve also added...
    Posted to DevExpress Data Blog (Weblog) by Seth Juarez (DevExpress) on 5/25/2011
    Filed under: reports, wpf, report, reporting, 11.1, v2011.1, scaling
  • Using Reporting Events in WPF and Silverlight to Create a Drill Through Report

    Some new events have been added to the document preview model for both Silverlight and WPF: PreviewClick , (Silverlight/WPF) PreviewDoubleClick , (WPF) and PreviewMouseMove . (Silverlight/WPF) These events will enable you to add some serious interactivity to your reports within Silverlight and WPF. I...
    Posted to DevExpress Data Blog (Weblog) by Seth Juarez (DevExpress) on 5/23/2011
    Filed under: reports, silverlight, wpf, report, reporting, 11.1, v2011.1, drill down
  • Using the WPF Report Viewer - Reporting Suite in DXperience 2010.1

    As you may have heard, starting with version 10.1, we're introducing native report viewers for both WPF and Silverlight . The availability of these viewers enable you as a developer to target more platforms and reach a wider audience. Using the report viewer, the reports can be easily imported into...
    Posted to The Progress Bar (Weblog) by Emil Mesropian (DevExpress) on 5/5/2010
    Filed under: WPF, XtraReports, Report Viewer, 2010.1, DXperience, Reporting, ExMedia
  • 15.1 Launch Webinar Week!

    It’s that special time of year, right as summer starts…that’s right, it’s DevExpress launch time and that means lots of webinars coming all next week! You can register here for all of them now. As usual there is a lot to cover across all platforms. And the whole team is in it to win it! Hear from Julian...
    Posted to Amanda (Weblog) by Amanda Christensen (DevExpress) on 5/26/2015
    Filed under: WPF, Dashboards, HTML5, Winforms, v15.1, webinars, DevExtreme, Reporting, Universal, ASP.NET
  • WPF Reporting - GDI+ Document Viewer (Coming soon in v15.1)

    A couple of weeks back, I described our new HTML5/Java Script Report Viewer for the Web - in this post, I'll quickly review our new WPF Report Viewer... v15.1 ships with a brand new WPF Document Viewer that will replace the Document Viewer included in earlier versions of our Reporting platform. This...
    Posted to Thinking Out Loud (Weblog) by Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) on 6/3/2015
    Filed under: Reporting, v15.1, Report Viewer, Document Viewer, Print Preview, Multi-page, XtraReports, WPF, gdi+
  • WPF Report Designer - CTP (Coming soon in v15.1)

    Our upcoming release will include the first community technology preview of our new Report Designer for WPF. This designer ships with many of the features found in its WinForms counterpart and is fully compatible with all WPF design methodologies. The following is a brief summary of the features we'll...
    Posted to Thinking Out Loud (Weblog) by Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) on 5/20/2015
    Filed under: Reporting, v15.1, End User Report Designer, Report Designer, XtraReports, WPF
  • WPF Grid-Based Report Generation (Coming soon in v15.2)

    In our never-ending quest to make reporting easier (and more flexible) for developers and end-users alike, v15.2 will introduce a new WPF Grid-based report generation option. As you can see from the screenshot below, this new option gives your power users a way to customize output and hopefully go a...
    Posted to Thinking Out Loud (Weblog) by Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) on 11/13/2015
    Filed under: Reporting, Report Designer, v15.2, WPF, Grid

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