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eXpressApp Framework - Early Access Preview (v20.1)
eXpressApp Framework - Early Access Preview (v19.2)
WinForms - Early Access Preview (v19.2)
XPO - New Server Mode components with lower memory consumption and improved load, sort, group and filter performance (v19.1)
XAF - Enhanced Office Module, Updated Learning Materials and More (v18.1.5)
WinForms Tips & Tricks - Boosting Application Performance
WinForms TreeList - Improved Performance and API (Coming soon in v17.1)
WinForms and WPF Charting - Performance Enhancements (Coming soon in v17.1)
XAF - UX Improvements for Design Time Templates, Windows and Web UI (Coming soon in v16.1)
WinForms and WPF Charting–Performance improvements in v15.1
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