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WPF Data Grid and TreeList - Filter Panel Enhancements
WPF Data Grid - Virtual Source Enhancements
WPF Grid Control - Fixed Rows and Column Filtering Enhancements Coming Soon in v16.2
WPF Data Grid - Scrollbar Annotations (Coming soon in v16.1)
WPF Grid-Based Report Generation (Coming soon in v15.2)
WPF Grid Control - Inline Editing, Partial Groups & Record Selection (Coming soon in v15.2)
WPF Scaffolding, App Templates & MVVM Enhancements (Coming soon in v15.1)
.NET Grid Controls: Faster Sorting, Grouping and Summary Computations (Coming soon in v14.2)
WPF Grid Control: Cell Merging and More (Now available in v14.2)
WPF and Silverlight Grid Control - Advanced Banded View Layout (a cool workaround)
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