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  • XPO - 11.2 Sneak Peek – XPCollection performance improvements (once again!)

    Prerequisites As you probably know, when inserting or removing records from collections supporting IBindingList , it is necessary to load the entire collection (that means constructing its persistent objects and their related objects graphs) from the database. It is an understandable requirement (we...
    Posted to XPO (Weblog) by Dennis (DevExpress Support) on 9/13/2011
    Filed under: XPO, performance, 11.2, inserting, XPCollection, deleting, removing, adding
  • Performance boost on removing data from a large XPCollection (available in 11.1.7)

    I am happy to announce that XPO developers have tweaked XPCollection in version 11.1.7 , and trust me, it is something you will notice immediately. This improvement was accomplished while working on a customer's issue and that again proves how customer feedback is invaluable to us. Generally, XPCollection...
    Posted to XPO (Weblog) by Dennis (DevExpress Support) on 9/12/2011
    Filed under: XPO, performance, XPCollection, deleting, removing, 11.1.7
  • XPO – 11.1 Sneak Peek - Profile it!

    Introduction We have one more amazing piece of news for our XPO customers. In version v2011 vol 1, we have implemented XPO Profiler - an external profiling tool for XPO-based business applications, allowing you to track internal events in the underlying XPO layer, such as session methods calls and database...
    Posted to XPO (Weblog) by Dennis (DevExpress Support) on 5/4/2011
    Filed under: XPO, SQL, 11.1, performance, profiling tool, bottleneck, v2011 vol1, v2011.1

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