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DevExtreme — Data Analysis & Visualization Enhancements (v23.1)
Blazor - Roadmap 2020 (Half-Year) - Your Vote Counts
Blazor - Official Release, Free Offer, and Future Plans
Blazor Components - New Charts, Data Grid Enhancements and more (available in Beta #2)
DevExpress UI for Blazor - Developer Diary and Preview 10 (Now Available)
DevExpress UI for Blazor - What's new in Preview 5
DevExpress UI for Blazor / Razor Components - Free Early Access Preview
Search Integrated into More DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Widgets (v17.2)
How to add a Chart to your Client-Side PivotGrid (DevExtreme v16.1)
HTML5-JavaScript Pivot Grid – Enhancements (Coming soon in v16.1)
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